Jul 31, 2011


it ends
where it starts
with two eyes
looking into two eyes
focused on one
at a time
they read each other
decipher misinterpret
hide the true self
protected by a representative.

Jul 29, 2011


i glide
the tip
of my finger
the plain
of your body.
i grab
your bottom lip
with teeth
by a curious
i breathe
on baby hairs
travel to the brain.
heart beats
race each other
turn to
black and white.

Jul 27, 2011


day by day
items leave
in the cover
of darkness.
a lone idea
takes root
hopes to gather steam
a pandemic erupts
pushes thoughts
to action
when all is done
the room is empty
dust is left to roam
to collect uninterupted.

Jul 24, 2011


the battle
of the cerebral
and the emotional
every day
every hour
every minute
every second
human experience
is a walking talking thinking contradiction.

Jul 22, 2011

fire cracka

she left me speechless
my eyes stuck to her
thoughts carried her essence
her aim was impeccable
everywhere i went
a spark caused flashbacks
shattered my world to pieces
the sparkle in her eye
penetrated depths thought to be dried
untapped forgotten wilderness
the blaze engulfed everything
i stood with the chief
and said "let it burn".
i sifted through the ashes
as a child
firecrackers were lit
i would run away from the blast
find safety in shelter
as a man
i recognize the brilliance
run towards the storm
melt with her touch.

Jul 20, 2011


in a skewed state of mind
the language became clear
it unfolded before my eyes
symbols morphed into understanding.
i became giddy from the revelation
all became clear
i treked into the depths
untaped the linguistic block
and watched as a new world
opened up for split second.

Jul 17, 2011

spit fire

when the clip is empty
rocks are thrown
to stay consistant
with the message
the lesson is learned
when repitition
bores a hole in the head.
glaciers move slow
carves stone into swiss cheese
creates a marvel for years to come.
endings don't exists
they slide into new beginings
only to continue
beyond the scope of vision.

Jul 16, 2011


hunger sets in
but laziness stops all movement.
don't be disappointed
not all gems shine.
some need time and patience.
some just need to be thrown
down the sewer
swept out to sea
and get caught in plastic.

Jul 13, 2011

one source, two outcomes

in the center of white heat
friendships are forged
after cooling
they either flake
become brittle
shatter on impact
or band together
forming an element
stronger than the test of time.

Jul 10, 2011


i spit phlegm on the street
party until the sun wakes
dance in my head
while i hold up the wall.
lava burns underwater
gas slithers to the surface
i look to the stars
and know my feet will touch the moon.
my agenda flows with water
ripples set the motion to fall asleep to.
warm flesh begs to be touched
the knighting gale whispers
an image that becomes a ghost.
a break in life issues
gives way to random streams of consciousness
rivers become wild
draining into the many oceans.
stone transforms into movement
but bullets put an end to their afterlife.
we stay silly
so i
play silly
dance silly
think silly
dream silly
party silly
smile silly
be silly
until it hurts.


Jul 8, 2011

love is high school

years ago
puppy love ran rampant
in halls staircases classrooms.
it was simple
only when you look back at it.
uncomplicated love
issues easily forgotten forgiven
the true meaning
elusive from the blind.
now jaded
unable to wade through dog shit
i wait for the real
up and down
anticipate that first argument
to see
how we handle it grow survive
the flames of life.

Jul 7, 2011


boy needs girl
artist needs time
man needs woman
crackhead needs crack
prince needs princess
stripper needs pole
king needs queen
pimp needs ho
i need you.

Jul 6, 2011

A Note

It's been a hot minute since I wrote a note. I don't know what I'm going to say, so I'll start with what I'm watching; "So You Think You Can Dance". I'm playing judge and want to slap the audience for booing. I don't know why people get offended when they hear constructive criticism. If you're only fed what you want to hear, you don't learn. TV and people annoy me but I can't live without either. This is my attempt to write something coherent, but I've failed. Here's a new tactic. Each line will be a random thought. Evertything can't be a winner. I have no more thoughts. End of Transmission.

Jul 5, 2011

lost in lose

i play to win
so in essence
i play to lose
life dishes out more
loses than wins
that is why
when a victory occurs
it is overwhelming joy
happy feet giggle
a dance occurs in my heart.
when the tide reverses
luck runs out
snake eyes reflect my image
i sink to the depths of the abyss
look to the sky and search
for the shining glimmer of hope
and wait for another win.
in the mean time
i wander the caves
explore the despair
pain becomes normal
and i crave it once it vanishes.
solitude wraps its arms
rocks me to sleep.
lighting breaks the darkness
briefly showing
the contours of my surrounding.
there are times
i stop looking up
days go by weeks
moisture from the clouds soak my clothes.
the cave fills
drinking water
becomes swimming water
lifting my feet from the ground
i doggy paddle towards
a bright speck in the sky.

Jul 1, 2011

discipline in solitude

the easy way
is to commit a crime
land in jail
then spaz out
with a plastic knife
to get placed in a box
meals fed through a tray slot.
inhale the stale concrete air
for 23 hours a day
the mind reflects on itself
learning begins
understanding forgiveness takes root
out of the dim cocoon
a new life shapes
enters the world wide eyed.
that's one half of the extreme.
many of us fall in the middle
being pulled in all directions
not allowed to be still.
the art of slowing time
sits on a dusty bookshelf
there are notes
scribbled by an eager soul
on chapters
the courage to say no to others
and the ability to seek comfort in silence.
off to the side
on the other side of a wall
a park sits idle
listening to the sounds
of humans talking.