May 27, 2014


over the silent rainbow
silk tightens grip
until hand breaks connection.

a river of grapes
flows down trachea
absorbed through skin tissue water cells.

a level of free
recaps the day weekend week month
lost entries in the calendar
beg to be recognized.

dreams scuttle above head
no hook
no line
bare hands fill the sky
digits sway in uncoordinated unison.

life looks down
enchanted by the metaphoric worms
which side is doing the luring?

in the middle
they meet
two things happen
both necessary
both liberating.

a house is built
an opportunity capitalized
a future secured.

a house is incinerated
an opportunity capitalized
lost in transition
a new future secured.

i stand on the corner
no drugs to sell
one hand holds the sack
one hand holds the cubes
dice to roll
true gamblers surround me.
no money
life fills the pot.
ignorance and education
weaves a conversation
filled with insight and inconsistencies.

the pretty sounds echo
sing along with the birds
i keeps rolling.

run it back.

May 24, 2014


a talespin
spiral down staircase
smoke trails
aftermath of a thought

a hope
imploded on the heart that birthed it