Sep 29, 2010

it starts with one

gradually the numbers increase
but before a wave turns to a tidal
one turns the waters
many look
mock and try to push back change
even if they agree and wish to join
fear holds them
so it goes back to one
always starts with one
who finds the courage to transform life thought culture
one surges into the future searching for clarity happiness
one finds another one
ones join together
status quo transforms
a new reality crashes into stagnant mind sets

be honest
which side are you
one or many?
now ask yourself
which side do you want to be on

Sep 26, 2010

days in the city

it starts with ice
that could not keep the ale cold
wheels touch asphalt
i silently cheer and clap
it's a hold over from
trips to puerto rico
every soul would rejoice
i carry on tradition
brown lights show the imprint of the city
i love its shapes curves
and areas of darkness
the j hollers
letting me know it's near
hours later it guides me into  the heart
the skyline reveals itself
displays a panoramic view before dipping underground
it's magical
the music fades
her voice overpowers the beats
a disregard of the law shadows the night
recovery begins on the slowdown
reflection occurs to the tipping point
i cut the trip short and save the rest for later.

Sep 24, 2010

A Note

Today I traveled to the future; three hours into the future.  In a couple of days I'll travel back in time.  I believe things happen for a reason.  We have to become detectives to figure it out the meaning.  Our viewpoint can also change the perception of events.  When things don't go as planned I believe I've potentially avoided an unpleasant event waiting for me in that time line.  I also believe I've been put on a path to encounter something greater.  This is a  game I play with time and how I manage setbacks.  Back to time travel.  I missed my flight.  It's the first time this has happened and I'm still trying to figure out what happened.  I made the next flight and while the wheels separated from the runway I wondered what new events will cross my path.  I looked out the window and the ocean reflected the sun's smile.  Another thought jumped into my mind.  What if the missed flight lines me up to a series of events that lead to my death?  I shake off the thought and  remain positive.  The voice of reason spoke and said "No matter if you missed a flight or not the path you're on leads to death.  It is the final destination".  This relaxed me.  I don't have to worry about death because it will come no matter what path I take.  In the meantime I'll write poetry, make art out of melted crayons, create wonderful memories, and enjoy time with friends and strangers.

Sep 22, 2010

the art of the theft

on waves
i surf fm satellite frequencies
it's early a.m.
loyal listeners ride shotgun
accidental newbies stumble upon the madness
i'm a thief
but theft pumps through veins
exploits and philosophy
run from synapses to voice box
beating drums
in a past life
cigarettes would fill the room
now i'm lucky if makers sits next to me
the audience waits
i deliver the gospel
the art of thieving
stealing heart mind body
i lay out the blueprint
for seduction
calls turn dark to flashing white lights
my producer fields calls
heated discussion float in the air
it comes down to the bottom line
nothing is secure
everything is up for grabs
if you want to win
you might have to steal
this is where i provide my services
for those who are in love with taken hearts
i provide the keys glocks and locks

Sep 19, 2010


six lanes float above the city
blinders hit the eyes left to right
trees sky and green signs show the way
reds whites mixes with flashing yellows
to get off the ride
means to know the destination
rivers of concrete divides neighborhoods
underground a city flourishes
all walks of life collide then disperse
incoherent voices play through the tunnel
anxious feet walk close to the yellow edge
day and night do no exist
artificial colors guide the way
bodies push into each other
just like thier metallic counterpart
one is not better than the other
only different.

Sep 18, 2010


suns shine in all directions
i stare at them at night
on a rooftop submerged in the city.
miles away on a mountain
a house sits on stilts
the owner strolls outside
gazes at the lights below
but never looks up.
lights slowly carve through the sky
slow motion movement
causes me to wonder if stars can move.
technology and transportation disrupts nature
sounds of cars from the nearby freeway
remind me of waves breaking the ocean.
i close my eyes
feel the cold breeze
sink my toes into imaginary sand.
pacific waters are near
i have yet to feel its touch.
i open my eyes to the flickering dead light
the ocean disappears
but the breeze continues to roll over my skin.

Sep 15, 2010

like child

a moment of truth stares at a child
they laugh uncontrollably
enjoy the good times of learning
playing living
life enters stage left
with a tornado in one hand
laughter hides
youth disappears
innocence is said to be lost
but this is lie
it's hidden in a corner
in a room with an unlocked door
time grows age
old hands turn the door knob
unleashing the beast of life
to be care free
withou borders
those in the middle envy the young and old
a short cut exists in plain sight
stop bullshitting and open the door.

Sep 12, 2010

vague memories of memories

i don't remember
snippets of life
bookmarks that have neither rhyme nor reason
a conversation occurs
a friend acquaintance stranger
asks if i remember when...
and i don't
a story is told
i'm a character
and i have no recollection
the event is foreign
something scratches my brain
an image a print develops
and i holler in excitement
because it surfaces
and can't imagine how i forgot it in the first place
my bookmarks are mine
others note what impacts them
and sometimes i am the impact
but months later
the memory will fade erase fall apart
until a spark sparks a conversation
between a friend acquaintance stranger

Sep 9, 2010


traces of the drug swims in my system
light becomes brighter
the comedic situation of life reveals itself
laughter jumps around in circles
a key rest in the palm of the hand
and waiting
patiently for the holder to realize
the power in the palm
street lights attract insects
a brief memory floats to the surface
it involves chasing fireflies and youth
breaking summer nights
until sand man wakes
puts on his work clothes
to perform the task of knocking people out
one night leads to another
a string attaches the two
years apart
traces of happiness remain in my system
it tells a story on how to unlock the mystery

Sep 8, 2010


the sky tore itself into pieces
blinding light scorched the earth
bones cracked releasing marrow
lava broke the embrace of frigid seas
waves crashed on the surface of wood
two ships emerged dripping blood
with no captain or crew
the star held its shape
orbiting the globe
while the message was lost in the sands