May 31, 2012


no voice
no image
no touch
only a scent
caught on waves of wind
float through screens
sneaking between the frame
she visits often.
her essence
mixes with synthetic chemicals
body heat bonds molecules to skin
she blows a kiss into the air
back into the world
she finds a way
to reach me invisibly.
she calms testosterone
gently leaving femininity
in front of my path.

i close eyes
sift through imagined memories.

May 28, 2012

ghosts in the jungle

i bend fabric
move it out a semi-realistic space.
the sun never sets
leaving the seasons to a a prolonged season
a stretch of warmth and sun glasses
i ignore darkened eyes
keep the hunters vision fresh.
birds chirp
but below
animals roam fight kill
unable to see the sky above
unable to envision a different way of life
unable to get out of their own way
the beats of the drum
are heard and deciphered.
the song isn't decoded
before bullets knife fists
encounter the last breath.

every step

May 23, 2012


a kiss is remembered
the world falls apart
with the last breath
the last thought stretches eternity
a second lasts a lifetime
able to collapse time on itself.
the beginning of things
is always riddled with holes.
endings stay close to the mind
until a new beginning and ending
push the old deeper into the cavern.
frames of still life
rush through optics
burning on sight
memory flares jump start a process
of remembering multiple versions of one.
a struggle erupts...

May 20, 2012


how the flame moves
how the colors blend melt jump.
the wick burns sparks white
the body browns and shortens
works its way
consuming alcohol
in order to survive
the end of the bottle means death
life ripped from the earth
inhale oxygen
releasing ash to coat walls
in the night
all attention focuses on the flame
but the day arrives
and the fish tank becomes bigger
the flame doesn't flinch
it dances close to the earth
ignites everything
rivals the sun
and tags the sky with signals.

May 10, 2012


the art of the word
begs to be displayed
with out hesitation
discussions break out
conflict bangs on the table.
the world stands silent
waits for the next string of letters
but stillness and cold wild
fill the space.
dust accumulates on digital shelves
truth and art suffer
as unseen scenarios play out
on an imaginary stage
the curtain drops
conceals the heart
wraps it in velvet
sentences are stopped at the border
unable to pass the rope
quarantined in limbo
and at the same time
words are allowed to slip through
under eyes of the writer
to get lost or found on the other side.

May 3, 2012

a lesson in boredom

once an activity stops
the high goes down
thoughts that were ignored
now speak loud
giving idle hands
ammunition to play with.

May 1, 2012

A Note: Blueprints

Hello all.  I took an impromptu vacation from posting.  Translation: I was trying to hide what I was writing, trying to conceal my thoughts.  A week passed.  Then another.  Then another.  In the end it became a disservice to you and I.  Though I was not posting, the blog was present in my mind and it's purpose was reassessed.  The Collection S started out as a poetry blog then branched out to include videos and artwork.  In an attempt to keep active in art making Art Crawl Walk Run was created.  The art blog was to force me to be proactive in creating new pieces.  I'm at a point where creating new work is not an issue.  The new challenge is the self censorship and managing two blogs.  I spent the past two weeks reassessing the purpose of The Collection S.  Without going into the drawn out thought process and grimy details I'll just give you the results.  The Collection S will fully embrace the different means in which I express myself.  The posting frequency/schedule will remain the same, but it will include art, poetry and videos.  Art Crawl Walk Run will be decommissioned this month and The Collection S will be a collection of words and images.  Ironically that was the easy part, now I have to walk the talk.  A new journey begins and thank you for taking time to join me.