Mar 29, 2012

what is

black on black
black on white
white on white
white on black
black on black

Mar 25, 2012

into the earth

the day i promised
will never come to pass.
i told him
time will give him strength
courage wisdom
and one day
he will surpass me without trying
but until that day
character will be built
on the heartache of failure
and that failure
will be the foundation of his success.
i watched him grow
and as i grew older
he came closer to the realization
that one day
he would have to take it easy on me.
that day will never happen
but it doesn't stop me
from imaging a time
where we relax in silence
broken by oddness.
we both made promises
we now cannot keep.
i would trade my life for his
and his response would be to decline.
pride and sadness occupy
the same space in my heart.
now i look for him for strength
lean on his back to get through the days.
i hear his voice
telling me the magic of time
so i settle
with the memories of the future
and let magic do its thing.

Mar 23, 2012


there is very little
we need
and too much
we want.
the majority of times
we confuse the two
and truly lack the understanding
of what each word means.

Mar 21, 2012


there is something foreign about this world
i can't put my finger on it
it feels put together
an ugly kaleidoscope of thoughts and ideas.
i walk it with baby eyes
listen to the way it speaks
but then there are periods
where i must block it all out.
as the years pass
i find it harder and harder
to take many situations seriously
because the things we fuss about
truly don't exist
they are constructs of someone's imagination
to occupy our time and energy
resources more precious than diamonds
resources we throw in the wind.

i'm an alien
stuck on this planet.

Mar 15, 2012

before the coals

our plans
on the whims
of others.
we sit
in a chaotic world
with our
chaotic thoughts running
are formed
to cut forward
into the haze
a clear path
that is susceptible
to changes
as long as we wait
while moving forward
we can dance to the tune
of our heart
and let the vibes
move others.

Mar 11, 2012

coded simplicity

while the world breaks
i steady myself
broke bread with the council
all points of view
dig deep into my rib cage
the weight pierces skin
blood cools the body
and while the riots burn the city
i stay still
wait for the heart to speak
push crazy to the side
allow ego to tire
put jealousy in the corner.
i wait for heart
to come to terms
for courage to display itself
in front of you.

Mar 9, 2012


i will
make love to you
with every musical piece
as the soundtrack.
no matter where i am
no matter where you are
any note to hit ear drums
will remind you of me
will remind me of you
wrapped together
sharing a moment in time
to play out indefinitely.

Mar 8, 2012


i sharpen teeth
not to draw blood
but to mark territory
to remind the bearer
the painful bliss i inflict.
i let the moon guide me
shoot fair warning to prey
i smother insecurities
suffocate it until inhibitions die
in the night
i keep the sun lit
my fingers follow
every inch of terrain
and without a flag
i claim what's mine
roots dig beneath concrete
and when the memory fades
i creep into existence
from the desire
to get lost in my hands
to melt in my mouth.

it starts tonight
beard become goatee
fro becomes ceasar
and the devilish grin
reveals all the nasty
dirty disgusting pleasurable acts
our imagination can conjure up.

Mar 4, 2012

split second

and in an instant
the plan changes.
scheduled words are pushed to the side.
following the train becomes
and i
jump off and on to see what happens.

Mar 3, 2012

stereo art omission

thoughts of inspiration
come true
lead me to believe
i must follow that path
to create
to be inspired
to write
dig deep
the shit that lays on ink
in excess
my destruction
will descend on shoulders.
i roll dice
speed up yellow
slow down yellow
look into the empty bottle
search for the white roll
keep suppliers one step removed
to negotiate the minefield of creativity.

Mar 1, 2012

on my way to become

the basquiat moment passed
and yet
i still clutch the rum bottle.
no longer
do i perform civil acts
the well is nearly dry
and i
play in the mud
suck patches of liquid
until all that remains
is the scent of puerto rico
bouncing off glass walls.
the night is old and broken
i watch the decay bloom
imagine nanobots repair
build knock down the remains of the day.
i talked to laughter
wax poetic
analyzed life love relationships.
the questions stay unanswered
but she told me to treat it as an experiment
now, the question becomes
how mad do i become?
the test must be recorded and retold.
she is almost gone
and i will keep kissing her
until she disappears.