Jan 26, 2012

while driving

get head
listen to music
all types of phone use
look for things
fall asleep
watch movies
or any combination of the above
behind a few tons of steel.

winter smooth

it fought its way into existence
and nearly lost
at the last second
components born from different situations
find common ground in the most unlikely place.
it happens that way.
the window is frosted
beach weather looks out to
drifts of snow
lands on every surface
as satin ribbons
conforms to the human shape.
life and death
get tangled in a knot
of love passion lust affection.
two extreme environments separated by tempered sand
compliment the past and future.
the sun no longer waits for permission to rise
time slows and marinates in each kiss
a soundtrack creates impressions in the mind.
from dream to reality
to somewhere in between
the summer envies the winter.

Jan 21, 2012

everything doesn't make sense

and it shouldn't.
stop trying to connect the dots.
i threw thirty down
and told the dealer to get at me.
gun to temple
informed me to stop thinking.
so i did.

Jan 19, 2012

what i stand on

i stood on it for days.
walked up and down it's rectangular shape.
invisible borders kept me within it's area.
i'm still locked in it's chamber.
there is a crack in the false wall.
i focus on the weakness
to free myself from the block.

Jan 13, 2012


the sky is blue.

other person:
that's racist.

Jan 11, 2012


i treat it like a present
and rightfully so
my eyes and fingers jump with joy.
i admire the presentation
how it's put together
informs me
how to take it apart.
in the end
pieces become undone
lay scattered on the floor
the mark of a fruitful evening.

Jan 8, 2012

role reversal

tell me a story.
i sit
elbows on table
body leans towards you.
i inhale each word
strung into a sentence
that creates a world
before my eyes.
i step into shoes
watch images
three steps removed from reality.
tell me a story
transport me
to an unknown point in time
alternate universe
snap shot of your imagination.
i sit at a table
with an empty chair across from me
wait for you to sit
and fill the space between us.

Jan 6, 2012

slow dance with me

it's early morning
last call came and went
the house lights are on
everyone sees each other for the first time.
the dj plays the "get the fuck out" song
the dance floor clears
all except me
my jam is playing
so i
dance by myself
feel the tunes
roll with the lyrics
bounce to the bass.
you watch me
wonder if i'm crazy or a genius.
throughout the night
we kept tabs on one another
glances back and forth
watching movements
how we groove
interact with the competition.
without a word
you two step to me
our friends know to keep away
my fingertips grace your silhouette
you wipe sweat from my forehead
we wrap ourselves in the beat.
the song fades
the bouncers pull a "martin"
our eyes speak.
without a word
we end the night how it started.

Jan 4, 2012


the blank page
paralyzes the mind
has the power to keep thoughts frozen
locked in the same position
for days weeks months
unable to move.

it takes a leap of faith
blind action
to get the ball rolling.

try not to let life's blank page
isolate your dreams to a single block.

don't think
just go.