Aug 31, 2011


dead suns exist
in the shadow of light
gliding through space.
traces of actions
sending waves in all directions.
silence moves slowly
affecting everyone it touches.
i become a ghost of myself
disappearing before my eyes.
duplicates tip toe through the streets
we stay hidden
collect life
caught in snippets.
we meet in the war room
trade secrets
speak at the same time
until a single stream
forms from the many
bouncing off the walls of my head.

Aug 28, 2011


i argue
for an hour or two
to wake up
get out of bed
take a shower
leave by a specific mark in time.
i warm the car
travel the same streets
locked in a pattern
battle morning personalities
rushing to nowhere special.
in the office
i make lemonade
a life sized board game
filled with humor and tragedy.
home again
my stomach passes a note to brain
imagination tells me what to eat.
negotiation and reconciliation
lasts a microsecond
then another routine begins.
in the meantime
i play in the silence
i play in my head
think of ways to create
new routines
to fight the boredom of
current routines.

Aug 27, 2011


rain falls
he doesn't move.
sheets of water
causes ordinaries
to run for shelter.
he takes in the scene
how it reflects his mood.
dirt and garbage
float down the block
mixing ingredients of filth.
one can never be clean
he laughs.
rushers ignore him.
he knows the risk
a case of melancholy
can cause
but the future doesn't exist.
he sticks to the present
observes the environment
allows thoughts
to play in the puddles.

Aug 24, 2011


with each generation
the same words are spoken
by people who think
their words are the first.

Aug 21, 2011

young minds, curious thoughts

young minds
curious thoughts
lurk through dark places
bright spots
circle the charted
probe the unknown
mix past with present
into a retro neo blend.
white rabbits and lasers
guide the unintiated
into a world
void of fear.
any spark of imagination
can become reality
in a blink
stand the status quo
on it's head
to become
the new norm
sits on a temporary throne
made of the ashes
of adult thought.

Aug 19, 2011

run off

i remembered
the lessons from a night
that was filled
with mind altering drugs
intellectual life conversations
the battle between
hot and cold air fronts.
a key point
rattles in my brain
keep an eye ear
pressed to passing signals
to catch signs
then ride waves.
a lone die
acts as a signifier
pointing me to the signified
so i listen
to myself
the universe
like minded speeches
thoughts by friends
human road maps
leave packed bags on the floor
and keep it pushing.

Aug 18, 2011


i keep secrets
even from myself
i split them
friends and enemies
compartmentalize information
creeps into sectors
meant to be void of life.
corrupt data
implants an idea
deep within electrical circuits
liquid fireworks
dare to dream big
knock down the gates of self doubt
parade victory
on the shoulders
of the one who shall remain nameless.
all things meet at one point
connection messages
scream to be seen
i keep the audio on high
pick and choose
what i'll pay attention to.

Aug 16, 2011

A Note - Start & Stop

Start & Stop. I occassionally get caught in this cycle. At first it annoyed me, but I've learned that it is part of my process. There are two resutls from S&S. I either drop the project or put more energy into it to see it through completion. This is how I wake up in the morning. Never do I hear the alarm and jump out of bed. After the first bell an internal conversation starts; the negociation begins. Should I get up, should I sleep some more. Sometimes I fall back to sleep only to jump up and take off. This is my process and I'm learning to navigate it. When it comes to a project and I've S&S many times I re-evaluate it. It can be a sign that it's not right for this time or it just needs to be droppped and forgotten altogether. Things have become easier, less frustrating once I realized and accepted this practice. I now lean on it to see where my energies need to be focused. By learning my madness, I can use it to be productive and happy. And I'm all about that hapiness.

Aug 14, 2011

simple pleasures

toes in the cold water
the moon during the day
slow kiss on lips
melting crayons
ceremony of blowing purple smoke
unexpected conversations
nascar on sunday afternoons
sid the science kid
people watching
removal of dead skin
long hot showers
an empty movie theater
a woman's laughter from a distance
unplanned nights
lost change found
sunday without travel
a walk to nowhere
scribbling on wood.

Aug 12, 2011

the many

share a common bond
only to believe
they are the only one
to feel lonely
hardships struggle
they are the same
thinking they are different
unique special
isolated from the world
that surrounds
multiple states of consciousness.
if the many
start to talk
share experiences
they will quickly learn
the many are one.

Aug 10, 2011

the only

in a crowd
a sea of many
wishes to meet other
like minds
but the world
is submerged
with dominant and minority
constantly changing places.
so many
find themselves lost
to form bonds
indestructible by time
forged by shared experiences
thought prayer
so one
meets one
finds ones
until one is many
and the one
outside the many
takes a journey
to look for one.

Aug 4, 2011


a snow flake
from a roof
away from its siblings.
the temperature increases
crystal structures weaken
wind blows
the wayward water
to a patch
that is quickly scooped
into a spherical missile.
for a minute
coldness breathes new life
due to its brethren
it becomes strong
no longer
pieces break
on the face
of a five year old
who quickly drinks
remnants of solid water
made up of a million fingerprints.