May 29, 2011

who said what

a dream told me
what i already knew.
a god
reside in us
without a word
its presence is silent
its influence tugs pulls guides
the personalities and voices bouncing around our heads.
i awoke
replayed the story
god is
in me
in you
that is why
we created
in our image
and in some cases
our imagination.

May 28, 2011


plus blurry picture
equals art

May 27, 2011

A Note

I've been missing in action for a minute and it's been a hot minute since I wrote A Note.  I went on a trip and to some degree I traveled to the past.  For a few days I visited and caught up with people that have known me for double digits.  It was a hell of a party.  I kept to one of my life missions and created new exciting unforgettable memories.  And for three days the smile did not leave my face.  I'm back in the future present and life has kicked me in the head.  It has kicked everyone in the head and I wonder what keeps us standing.  I really don't know.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled poetry.

May 14, 2011


i walk the streets of los angeles
peer through moving windows
to see what they are watching
notice their mood body language
they "multi-task" ignoring the responsibility
caught between fingers
i contact the eyes
away from the coffee phone music daydream.
the rolling structure is a second home
a refection of our internal external state of being
it possesses the illusion of power
to those who are willing to fall prey.
i intrude on the lives of others
that pass me at forty miles an hour.
i slow time and take a snap shot of
the driver passenger kid in the back seat
create a caption fitting the mood
and keep the rhythm of my feet synced to my pod.

May 11, 2011

short sleeve

it doesn't
and shouldn't
take long sentences
to get to the point.


if we look
into the eyes of others
and see ourselves
then why are we quick to
judge and hate?

May 10, 2011


i have episodes
where the world implodes.
i'm in the center
trying to hold gravity in place
then all gets caught
sucked into a black hole.
the witching hour
i should be asleep
but something tugs
at the uncharted frontier
of my mindscape.
from a distanace
i stand on a makeshift mountain
composed of outdated versions of me.
they all point to the same spot
so i listen and look between
two globs of water.
an unclear future magnifies.
my companion tells me to stop thinking and go.

May 7, 2011

man down

dark skin turns pale
lips dry
crack like desert soil
when hit with a wave of heat.
energy tries to jump start itself
but the body doesn't move
it sits parked
waiting for a miracle.
in the meantime
the mind remains in tact
held prisoner to the failing body.
all that is needed
is a slice of shade
thimble of h2o
a touch of mist
on the forehead
but these simple things
are too much to ask
when all the eyes see
a tan yellow haze wasteland.

May 4, 2011

conflicting thoughts of a man child

i dip a toe
in the tip of the ocean
carbonated sea water
bubbles around piggies.
i watch the waves
crash into its cousin
and imagine
myself gliding in the spiral.
a voice
of reason tells me
i must first learn to swim.
the child responds
as a child would respond
and i agree with the child.
feet first in the deep end.
that's how i roll
and now
i must take my own advise.

May 1, 2011

last year's interesting negro

sits off to the side
looks out a window
vison caught between
the reflective image
and life passing outside.