Apr 12, 2014

Apr 4, 2014

try not to make sense of it

bricks tumble
gravity falls
the copy runs amuck.

fun laughs
secrets scream obscenities
the world watches.

bass trembles
speakers pop bottles
the television paints never-ending images.

signals pass through flesh
cells adjust
the life of a note complicates matters.

thoughts wish to be the same
change forces the hand
knocks patterns to the floor.

and all this time
the brain tries to connect
dots leap in and out of existence
plays tug a war with rationale thought.

summer approaches.

wild out.

post apocalytic

every whisper
taps at my soul
entices me to stay wide.

the road contracts
freezes in the winter night
thaws during summer rain
tears from heaven mixes with the flats.

talk of a new day vanishes.