Feb 24, 2013

ice, iron, concrete

grey descends
upon the center of the world
clouds contact cousins
so fog rolls suffocates sight.
the city shrugs
and conducts business as usual.
my eyes roll
through streets tracks life
viewed between mirror and glass
smoke fills lungs
seeps into vessels
inducing a state of calm
the quiet of its breath
allows age to float to surface.
grime covers this empirical town
yet no one seems to notice
or is it
that it constitutes the new norm.

when in rome.

Feb 13, 2013

randoms panel seven


time zones
miles apart
you are next to me
sharing the same breath
waiting to the same rhythm.

Feb 3, 2013

true north

in the distance
a light shimmers.
i wonder if it is like us
two souls charting the night
caught in individual thought
briefly allowing them to collide.
i wonder if they're looking to the stars
trying to figure out the constellations
while the moon acts as a mirror
i wonder
drift in and out of space
let the night reveal its secrets.

and then
it disappeared.