Dec 19, 2012

living on air

displaced rays of sun
creep through faux wooden blinds.
dreams of a poet
turn into wisps of smoke
disappear between strands
and coalesce in clouds.
light scatters the thought
and a faint image of an idea remains
it lives as a ghost
passing through life as a whisper.

Dec 17, 2012


there's a look to people
in place
out of place
what their life
may or may not entail.
we write stories
cast judgements
about the book cover.
assumptions carry the weight
put us on guard
eases the tension
life knocks hard
it etches a thousand words
per square centimeter of skin
reflects the struggles misery pain
balance themselves on the curve of a smile
hinting at the harshness
with the bat of an eye
the connection is lost.
we move to the next story
let imagination run its permutations
cross lifetimes in a span of a second.

Dec 8, 2012


another world
images talk caption less
the music tries to offset the atmosphere
remnants of a dying past
stand side by side
with signs of the new world.
bodies lean in order to sleep
those who share blood with a thief
keep alert
eye open assessing environment.
halogen hums
overpower happy eighties
everything passed on to the consumer
they carry the weight
but still opt in to purchase.
convenient distractions
keep the populace at bay
every one stakes their claim
to a part of a room
and all we do is wait
watch tv and wait
listen to music and wait
charge devices and wait
avoid eye contact and wait
until the wheels roll in
and take us to another place
where we will wait for something else.