Nov 28, 2012

with the flow

glide down glass
land on a wing
poised for flight
endings and beginnings
causing confusion
no distinction between
tears of pain
tears of joy
the atmosphere conveys the mood
and at the end
the warmth of the sun
clears all
comforts all
provides light for the way.

Nov 21, 2012

all for something

a snowflake
and before
it is written
there is a place
for it to land.

Nov 17, 2012


in the middle
i toss turn
struggle to see
the idea put forth by me.
it is a fragile dance
between consciousness and voices.
in the end
i awake
slowly making sense of the thought
sift through the fog
keep an eye on the catcher
too fine too wide
and all will go up in smoke
inhaled ingredients course passageways
exhaled into the nothing
there one second
and the next
scattered mixed fled
to all corners of space.
in the beginning
i keep myself sedated
stare at darkness
let imagery form disperse
take note of what to bullet
conversations shift play run.
i observe take part
of the unraveling connections.
a closed third
snaps attention
slow time speed it up
wander in the abyss of self.
these adventures increase
the more i appreciate pay attention
worlds unfold
i explore each and everyone of them
each and every night.

Nov 16, 2012

burning words, words burning

water and fire
stare into the essence of each other.
they flirt talk build
produce smoke ash steam.
these seeming opposites
are one in the same
looking for the other
searching for themselves
passed the window
into the soul.

Nov 2, 2012

click clack

the road was never linear
but the trajectory
led in one direction.
a realization was met
sat down
all heads of state
collectively said yes
embraced fear as a partner
and started the game anew.