Aug 26, 2012

nothing of substance

within the layers of space
smoke and haze paints a picture
shadows play with reflectants
they wrap their fingers
clutch a bag of dreams
muscles loosen
imagination lost touch with the child
sleep was denied
and the slip to unconsciousness
was stopped by big hands
not understanding the process of refugee words.

the image dissolves into the sky
eyes step back
falls down a rabbit hole
birds of a feather
flock to wasted food
bubbles to the surface
along with
relaxed bodies lifted by salt
an itch fighting it's way through sound
wood blocks discarded by idle hands
souls escaping gravity
the realization of peace with one self.

Aug 22, 2012

Event: The House of Spoof Collective 8/25 Show

Peoples!  If you're in New York you can see Lineage (aka Linear) in person at The House of Spoof Collective End of Summer Show.  There is going to lots of art, music, and people to mix it up.

The House of Spoof Collective: End of Summer Show
Saturday, August 25, 2012
3pm - 9pm
1391 Lafayette Ave

randoms panel one

Aug 16, 2012

lint gray

it's not
cat hair
or a piece of lint
but gray strands
sprout where black use to be
so please
stop trying to remove them
from my head
it reminds me
that time passes
and things change.

Aug 5, 2012

A Note: A Break

Cut to the chase:  I'm taking a break from posting.  The newness will arrive by the middle of the month.  In the meantime:  Explore the site and if you have any questions you can hit me up at  Enjoy.