Jul 27, 2012

frozen water

at the end of the night
piano mumbles its last thoughts
tattooed terminator walks the beat
snakes emerge from tunnels
separated warriors stand post
midnight oil is prepared
rats reclaim the streets
alcohol spills from bottles to lips
shouts of pleasure and pain intertwine
heavy heads look for a place to rest
points shoot to different paths
blue skies turn to blue skies
the sun rises

Jul 24, 2012

hard candy

constant pressure
pushes soft features to sharp edges.
the process starts
the moment first step lands on shattered streets
femininity allows masculinity to ride shot gun
and if the wrong words actions appear
these mean street women
let shells hit the floor.
courtship is not for the faint of heart
beautiful women with hard coats
instinctively block advances
pursuers try to crack the safe
with chisels explosives blunt objects
but the only way to melt solidified sweets
is to hold it in your mouth
and slowly lick suck swallow.

Jul 23, 2012

new black revolutionary

out of place
they feel their life span
should have coincided with the movement
but chaos happens for a reason
and these old souls
find feet planted firmly on new ground.
dreams frustration what ifs persists
if  you wait for the water to calm
depth becomes clear
and they will divulge the vision
some of peace
some of armed conflict
i straddle the fence
but know i would end
sending and receiving bullets.
different time
different life
adaptive strategies
for the new world.
no one leader to lead
these new revolutionaries
operate in a singular group influential mode
they lead themselves
through various paths of life
motivating people on an individual level.
like minds never group up
these loners flow like water
hard to pin
hard to target
they gave up the idea
of a loud public voice
they let the mediocre shout powerless chants
these silent knights
inspire each other
keep pushing
knowing change will come quietly.

one revolutionary awakens the next
particles accumulate in the air
heavy with burden
they fall
seep into the earth
gather underground
form rivers
bursts through ground without warning
and before you know it
it's over
but the impact well documented.

Jul 20, 2012


we mask avengers
stalk the night
in search of
everlasting life
course through veins
ignite the fire
keeps consumption from consuming
we feed the cycle
to stay in front of it
all while donning a secret identity
switch faces personas dialect
push agents of chaos into alignment
play the field as hero and villain
losing ourselves within the war
losing ourselves within ourselves.

Jul 17, 2012


the air is quiet
a sailor looks out into the sea
under the hazel moon
he walks the deck
stares into the unknown
recaps the days events.
the salt in the air
does its best to calm the mind
but past conversations plague thoughts
with a slight whisper
all voices become silent
and he pictures himself
just as he is
enjoying the night's breeze.

Jul 16, 2012

maintain the sexy

there's a certain
type of woman
that time can not age.
a crisp sense of self
throughout the body
it escapes
creates gravity
with the look in her eye
laugh lines
way of movement
describe the strength
and softness of her being.

Jul 10, 2012


don't trust me
believe in the dice
it's a leap of faith
blind fire into the night
randoms collide bounce stick.

the kids surround the circle
flick favorite spheres
in gamble of the big pay out
high low
they play enjoy
return knowing the cost.

pink wisps in the air
water reflects purple
flashes of daylight interrupts thought.

Jul 2, 2012

under current

is it just me
am i the only one
at the end of the night
in the middle of an event
where i think of you
do you think of me
us together
sharing the same moment
sharing perspectives
on the drive home
fingers intertwine
heartbeats synch
we sit eye to eye
on the same page
passing love notes.

it must just be me
keeping romantic ideas in place
to occupy my mind
burn it out on what ifs
producing poems
to a now imaginary
lover partner friend.

i don't like nights like this
the beauty and the pain run parallel
and i can't decide
on which side to stand.