Jun 28, 2012


i navigate the slope of loneliness
feel its texture
rub my fingers between the fabric.
the truth of life reared its ugly head
it spoke in a voice i only imagined.
we blind ourselves
from the multiple strings
that make up the whole.
each thread contains
a personality of time
in layers upon layers of itself.
when the confusion stops
silence allows one voice to be heard
in the darkness i cannot keep eyes open
they close and same vision persists.

i extend my hand into the unknown
and feel my way through the intangible.

Jun 27, 2012


late night early morning
animals send their cries into the world
distress leaves lungs
before words take on meaning
dreams are blocked by the calls of the fallen.
so much spills onto the streets
we neglect to recognize it
as life
pain and pleasure run parallel
they dance at the ball
before the stroke of twelve separates them.
nonsense fills the air
and we gladly accept it as companionship
hurt masqueradesas as anger
and anger
destroys all that it touches.

Jun 26, 2012

with whom

in the darkest of night
who do you confide in
open the doors
to a place
where we ourselves
tend not to venture

who do you cry with
let tears from a baby
flow without regard of self

who do you share
ideas thoughts events
that make you look at you
as a stranger

who would you trade life for
in the heat of the moment
or a calculated move
a life for a life
and in the end
you will cease to exist

who do you laugh with
let absurdity leave your lips
stretch muscle to the point of pain

who do you share silence with
words unable to express
the depth
trapped in eyes
caught between exhales

Jun 25, 2012


i let
the world collapse in on itself.
i in the center
feel the plastic
become tighter on skin
to the point where they are one.
my mouth opens
to a rush of
deafening silence
pierces the mind.
eyes make out movements
only to add their own translation
to the soundless soundtrack.
watchers come and go
all stay beyond the point
their inner voice tells them to leave.
they place time bets
on how long i will stay cocooned.
i stand off to the side
watch the spectacle
of people watching me.
in the corner of my eye
i see my other self
on the outskirts of the crowd
watching me watching the spectacle
and for the first time
i notice that all of the watchers
are versions of myself.

Jun 23, 2012


don't dress that way
wear those shoes
fix your hair
make your face
the way it is
to go unnoticed.
so when
i admire
seduce you with my eyes
don't be surprised.

you accomplished exactly
what you set out to do.

Jun 20, 2012

shiny dull trinkets

over the trees
a gust of wind
blows a series of notes
throughout the city grid
they bounce off the walls
concrete steel glass
collide with competing sounds
they all add to a relaxing afternoon.

a gust of wind blows
and this time
it brings a touch of cool to the skin
the sunset introduces
a slight hush to the place
temperature and tone will change
the kaleidoscope of sounds
form different patterns
from the same shapes
laughter of children
turns into adult child
searching to recapture curiosity.

the horns blare
and the image of a lost dream facing reality appears
heart and soul still pumps through brass tunnels
and as long as the source produces sound
the dream will never die
only play hide and seek
to those willing to pay attention.

Jun 17, 2012

dream with me

fingers intertwine
blue ceiling
blue floor
perceived futures
bounce around constantly morphing.
there are two in the equation
a third will appear and embody the halves.
let us
confront the impossible
and tear down its wall.
let us face failure
on the road to success.
wrap your fingers between mine
confide in each other's silence
let's get lost
in the colorful slivers of the eyes
throw the plan out the window
and follow one an other's footstep.
dream with me
i'll dream with you
magical castles appear in the sky
confetti rains
balloons run away from feet
eventually they all get popped.
let us create a party from sadness
grow from disagreements
lift each other to the heights
once believed to be unreachable.
dream with me
and i promise
the silver lining will never fade.

Jun 14, 2012

ghetto dreams

from the hood
projects and res houses
pepper the landscape.
trickle down economy
of wanting things out of reach
nestle its way into the minds of young men.
no boys live here.
innocence was killed long ago
in the middle of the day
before the entire community.
entrepreneurial spirit
runs rampant around corners
dice fill one pocket
rocks the other
trump card in the back.
time left alone
in front of artificial crowds
the baby face
took refuge behind the backs of others
watching waiting
for the right lane to open up.
slow runners won the marathon
fast the sprint
life splinters
in this experiment of multiple universes
playing out on one planet.


i place my face
between your legs
put my lips
square with yours
then proceed
to speak of all things
that make you blush.

Jun 8, 2012

goodbye, stay in touch

an incomplete circle tells the story
cycles and patterns repeat for a second time
the same scenario plays out with different circumstances.
snake eyes pierce the night
money left on the table
cards face up
clocks no longer read two times.
a joyous sadness makes an appearance
like at the end of that movie.

a dance is never just a dance
and goodbye is always followed up with hello.