Feb 24, 2012

observations of me

the kitchen is last to be cleaned.
i gave up on the big fall
tackle things in small chunks.
infuriate women.
unconsciously walked the footsteps of
present parent
absent parent.
believe in stretched truth.
say things without knowing the meaning
because it sounds good.
perform for i
secretly hoping others are watching.
reveal myself more than others
in order to keep secrets hidden.
in wait of the detective
to call my bluff.
buried treasure.
for a quiet person
i talk a lot.
comfortable with silence
use it as a weapon
let love talk through it.
accept the contradictions of myself.
turned my back on structure
but look at its shadow for guidance.
follow rules of sober self
so intoxicated self
can enjoy its limited time on earth.
i tell myself to keep plans hidden
then slowly let it leak.
make rules break rules.
allow never items
turn in into reality.

Feb 22, 2012

thoughts of solitude (11)

i turned the world back on.
my departure went unnoticed.
i thought
but i knew
i was not missed
by design
i create opportunities
where i wish to prove myself wrong
but the wall was built by me
and only
can be brought down by me.

thoughts of solitude (10)

we are born
with limitations imposed on us
others (want) think
we will walk in the footsteps.
it is up to us
if we dare choose
to acknowledge the shackles
realize the key is in hand.
normal doesn't exist
new was become standard
thought constantly shifts.

can you shift with it?

Feb 20, 2012

thoughts of solitude (9)

i let myself speak.
after the conversation
i trace the pattern
and analyze what was really said.

thoughts of solitude (8)

i thought a desert was needed
sand rock sun
but the drive
diminished intentions.
i reconstructed the barren land
my apartment cave island
solitary confinement
led to escape freedom
with this boy within a rectangle.
i pace watch think
trip over myself
enjoying every single second.

thoughts of solitude (7)

there is a conversation
that we can not have in our current state.
this conversation
can only take place
face to face
where no words are exchanged
only heartbeats
worth more than life itself.
simplicity in its natural form
where two share one
through separate windows
and blind fully accepting it.

Feb 16, 2012

thoughts of solitude (6)

i reclaimed the night
let versions of myself
talk freely
letting past present
speak to the future.

Feb 15, 2012

thoughts of solitude (5)

this silence
is beautiful.
i bask in its emptiness
let it fill my mind.
i care to share it
in the moment
with a selected few
but if i did
it wouldn't be the same beauty
it would cease to exist
so i leave traces of it
in thought
scribbled across sheets cotton
for future typing.

thoughts of solitude (4)

imagine if
this world
collection of space
is part of another beings consciousness.

various voices
bounce around our head
guide us
contradict motives
but make up who we are.
others are reflections of us
they speak what we try to ignore
time tells if we decide to listen
tap into our full potential.

what if
constitute the thought process
make up the brain
synopsis fire
stars go nova
conflicting ideology
sucked into black holes
of another entity.

Feb 14, 2012

thoughts of solitude (3)

there's a new mandate.
i took charge of the project
a new prison is to be built
no gates walls towers
to stop thought or action.
this new prison
will not exist
but encompass all
it will hold the essence of man
allow it to run free
to gain acceptance
a trade must be done
from one shackle to another
a change in thinking
only to be made
by the prisoner.

thoughts of solitude (2)

we creatures
dwell on the air bed
of a spinning rock.
we creatures
roam the floor
ignore the weight from above.
we walk through a substance
because we cannot see it
winged creatures exploit their vision
cast shadows on the bottom dwellers.
we creatures
build concrete steel ant hills
elevated by technology
cursed with imagination
scared of change
pushed to keep moving forward
without asking if it's necessary.

Feb 13, 2012

thoughts of solitude (1)

i had to disconnect
and let the filter catch all.
the stage was set
by a past voice
that chose wisely
and a present voice
that chose wisely
so that the future self
can relax
explore the badlands of (in)sanity.

Feb 12, 2012

my inspiration

who know not they're poets
the usual suspects
the birth giver
the absentee
the inner circle
the surrounding press
family of blood and spirit
the cruelty of work
the most beautiful word in american english
crowded strangers
a face before tears
those who inspire
those who need inspiration
cracked streets
uprooted roots.



what's beneath the smile?
lingers in the silence?

what is
the pattern of disconnected thoughts
that make you you?

i want to know.
i will not ask.

honest answers are rarely spoken
so i watch
learn take notes.
observe you.

like a fly on the wall
i watch
soaking in the essence of you.

Feb 11, 2012

take words

in that moment
it should
be a conversation
between yourself.
it should
be filled with happiness
with knowledge
that the journey
was a wild fun adventure
surrounded by experiences
only you could have traveled.
in that moment
i hope to take my own advice
and leave this earth
how i walked it.

with a smile.

A Note: "Bongo Time"

For the past two weeks you can see I've been off my schedule.  I can't point to one incident that led to the drop off, life just happened and before I knew it one day blended into the next.  Here we are now, midway into the weekend.  Some people are taking it easy as others are going hard.  My weekend has been a mixture of both.  I've been sitting on a stock pile of poems for a week; results of "Bongo Time".  Once again, I'm going to break the regular schedule and post multiple poems a day until all of the "Bongo Time" poems are up.  Then, it's back to the regular schedule until life happens again.

Feb 2, 2012

january summer

glass sits
cradled within the door
the breeze moves from driver to passenger
a hood gives warmth
brooklyn and chicago
spill into the air
repeating lyrics
reveal pieces of a message.
seasons don't exist
a perpetual
new york summer
condones the out of state attitude
culture sticks to the brain
the heart
fastens loose ends together.