Dec 21, 2011


it's not a sprint
but i want to attack it
foot on the peddle
full throttle.
it's not a marathon
but i want to pace myself
conserve energy
stretch the line to the tape.
there is no finish
but there are ends
indefinite pieces of time
suspended in any given reality.
in an attempt to sprint and marathon
i take my cues from the tour
combinations of attack and fall back
alternate the practice
but keep in mind
not to get lost in the past or future.

Dec 19, 2011


i hide in silence.
the deafening vacuum
repels the hardest of rocks.
it unnerves the unsteady
and in that space
i hide in plain sight.
on this nomadic journey
i meet a few souls
where conversations are broken by speech
we listen to each other's breath.
in the quiet
the heart beats
and with the slightest movements
a new language is spoken.
i cherish these moments
but there are times
i drift into opium induced dreams
willfully trapped by my ghost
the hand of the hand
drags me back to the world of decibels.
all things in moderation
is a tight rope.

Dec 16, 2011

steps to the steeple

on the way
people will fall
slide down the stairs
attempt to block the path
grab your leg
to pull you down
into the mud of self doubt.
only one
will teach you the moves
to dodge
with grace and balance.
this thing
we call life
rocks on axis spinning wildly
rotate magnetic currents
to the point of nausea.
there are others
like you
eyes to the heavens
optimism in tact
ready to create the unimaginable.
find the birds of a feather
and let them guide you.

Dec 14, 2011


it is not inherited
it is not a right
it is taken
by force
manipulation of the stars.
the people
do not crown you
they are persuaded
to be lead
by your hand.

Dec 9, 2011


you have to take the L
let the punches
roll over your body
sink into the fabric
etch the reality of situations.
the urge to resist
turn the tide fight ignore
kicks into gear.
energy from the reserves
comes online.
the panel asks a simple question.
as you stare at the options
the weight of the decision
presses on your shoulders.
you have to admit to the lose.

Dec 8, 2011


the moon and i have conversations.
she expects me to move
longitude latitude
and i will
grant her wishes.
i'll travel the curves
earth's body
seek adventures conversation
sleep under different stars
but always find her face.
when the rocks align
i'll shoot into the sky
break gravitational pull
only to seek gravitation pull
land on dirt
that transports me to days of youth.
from there
i will look at the blue green ball
and wonder what the next conversation should be.

Dec 3, 2011

fall hard

a historian
warned me not to fall hard
to bend knees
tuck roll then stand.
i would ignore advice
do what i do
but old years stop me
tell me to listen think
be mindful.
i'm going to fall
this time with eyes open
take in the scenary
and watch the curvature of the earth