Apr 29, 2011


we get caught
in the illusion of time.
there is too much of it
or not enough.
when we're not looking
precious sands slip through fingers.

Apr 28, 2011

lost steam

somewhere along the line
drive tapered off
motivation decreased
focus got stuck in the mud.
it struggled to break free
days trolled by
and all of the habits
that make me successful
fell by the waist side.
the cycle begins again
and i commit to new and old friends.
i tell my inner voice
to step my game up.
only time will tell
if i listen to myself.

Apr 23, 2011

live stream

technology does not lift us out of poverty
life collides in an articulated worm
it glides the surface
the curious and bored
look in and out.
toleration levels are high
until the straw lands
this leaves each experience
a gamble
all will play
when they stop on the stop.
the lost feeling of a city returns
uneven pavement
puts hostility to sleep
it lulls the beasts
to think of other things.
add random thought here.

Apr 21, 2011

history of a hand

have you
wondered where a hand
has traveled
a minute hour prior
to reaching you?
what has it touched
activities it participated in
smells and memories it carries?
each hand
has a routine
habits it must abide.
it roams the earth
one touch at a time.
it transports an invisible story
of leisure and pain
a secret language forms
textures build
mannerisms are imprinted
then it touches yours
the process of exchange
begins or repeats.
what tale can your hand tell?

Apr 17, 2011

it never forgets

the picture of you
shit faced
holding two bears
while balancing a cigarette between lips
jumps from a friend's phone
catches a facebook current
only to be tagged and bagged
copied chopped and screwed
is how you feel
after it's deleted
but multiplied by cut and paste.

Apr 15, 2011


i love sexy pussy.
she stalks her prey
gives then takes
fucks with my mind.
she smiles
she knows the art of subtle movements.
her pheromones sneak
from panties to nostril.
i interpret the signals
put forth a vision.
she sits on my face
rides twirls
thinks she runs the show
but i pull
from the back
her body heat increases
hit her spots
spin a tongue
to fuck her world.
now when guys ask
what you taste like
you'll remember
that i know the answer
and made you taste
the taste of you.

Apr 10, 2011

shadow dance (pt.5 fin)

a slight stutter reveals vulnerability.
when he taps the raw emotion
i coach him in his first steps
he stumbles
nearly falls
but stands straight.
i caress his face
his eyes smile
tells me exactly what's in his heart.

Apr 8, 2011

shadow dance (pt.4)

her scent lingers.
i sit in a train
watch the stops melt into a my reflection.
traces of her face
come to the surface
her morning voice says "hi"
then tries to hold in a smile
i take in her beauty
and run my lips over hers.
someone bumps me
breaks my thought
fragments of the morning
help to brush away
the crush of rush hour.


the sun
minus the stars
something in between.

Apr 6, 2011

shadow dance (pt.3)

the body never lies
neither her laugh nor her smile.
we surrender to now
the conspiracy of success
takes our hands in a loving embrace.

Apr 3, 2011


why do boys
play war
run around
shoot imaginary bullets
flank the enemy for a kill shot?
when bullets fly and bombs drop
tears flow from eyes.
the truth comes out
the brutality
of the real game.
they cling to momma
fists clench tight on her thigh.
their cries blend
with the nearly departed
little boys shut their eyes
to the grown up world
they wanted to be a part of.