Feb 21, 2011

A Note

It's been a while since I posted a poem or video. I was caught up in life. I forgot that I have the power to slow time. We all have this power. We can freeze time, tell the world to wait while we gather our thoughts. It takes effort and determination to tell the world to stop. And because it is easy to lose concentration there are plenty of times when the world wraps us around its finger. When this happens time flies, we lose contact with friends, and we don't do the things we intend to do. Life got its arms around me and swept me away. I enjoyed the ride then casted a spell to slow it down.

water spills

i share nothing
a closed book
on a table
liquids race
to soak into strands of wooden fiber.
the conversation stops at the front door
sand bags redirect information
movement hypnotizes the poet
the poet hypnotizes the reader
the reader hypnotizes the listener
i let silence speak for me.
abstract images find a hidden playground
joy surrounds still water
under the surface
a child floats in the womb
imagination flourishes under constraints
so i settle to the depths
play in the silt.
moist castles crumble with a shift in the tide
we night ride
cause confusion
let the masses misinterpret our message
the chosen spoken few
carry the torch for us
our ambassadors
take the form of political assassins
bipolar personalities play the role of mediator
the open road disintegrates into desert plains
objects fall but bounce off of the ripples
i loner sit observing
the social dynamics of the group
then retreat back to the depths of an isolated kingdom.

Feb 9, 2011


we are not soldiers
but we are brothers in arms.
unspoken salutes
pass between strangers.
outsiders ask if we know the passerby
the answer is always no
but we do know him
we know each other
we know what awaits us outside
even though we may be one
at any given moment
when one sees the other
a moment of solidarity
turns a head nod into a complex conversation.
time tends to wash the past away
so we pass the code to the younger generation
without their knowledge
and one day they too will pass
nod to a stranger
and both will understand the greeting
the message the history the strength
of who we are.

Feb 6, 2011


santana jumps off the cliff
does he fall or fly
the next panel shows the results
half empty or full
fisticuffs breaks onto the hip hop scene
headphones are turned up
this is what happens when you try to jump start
inspiration stalls but all is forgiven
like the night when a years worth of thoughts
becomes reality in a small room
the goal is to ship product
no quality no rhyme nor reason
just dropping random thoughts on the screen
to see if anyone notices the stench.

Feb 2, 2011

we night ride

the sun disappears
runs from we villains
who step out into the day.

grins of white light the way
creative thoughts paint the town
move mountains of people
change culture and society.
the fight
is taken to the hearts and minds
we shadow box under street lamps
car headlights dimming neons.
all is fought
until there is nothing else to fight
then we fight the nothing.

we villains slip into the cover
the sun peaks its eye
to make sure it is safe to shine.