Dec 31, 2010

twenty eleven

pieces of paper free fall towards the ground
a gust of wind
keeps the decent suspended
as time ticks down
a new year quickly becomes old fashion.
more waste enters the world for sixty seconds
bodies huddle together but still dance due to the cold
lights give off no heat
only shine bright and reflect plastic tints.
a ball drops
and two kids play rampage
knowing that in the entire world
no others are doing what they are doing.

Dec 29, 2010


waiting rooms are flushed with heat
hallways stark white walls
pale colors line the corners
arctic winds run free.
routines take shape for the locals
out of towners wander
lost distraught out of place
until drugs hit veins.
fog induced dreams take flight
forgotten in the haze of war
reality bleeds onto the floor
old technology and human error
keep the balance
they tell everyone to remain clam
then panic but reverse quickly.
it is all too much
audience members sit wait sleep
unsound thoughts
in anticipation for better news
this place waits to be filled.

Dec 26, 2010


drum roll introduces no one to stage
leaves roll and tumble
get caught in spider webs
crickets roam the empty space
they greet each other
reminisce over past performances
the spot light shines on a lone microphone
dust particles move off the chrome object
sensing what is about to happen
the insect orchestra plays
music seeps backstage
floats dodges obstacles
homing in on its target
it hits inner drums
stirring up the storm.

in a minute
a whirlwind will saturate the hallway
explode onto the elevated platform
leaving a crater in the mind's eye.

in the meantime
peace sits listening to
the soothing sounds
and envisions the step before the step.

Dec 24, 2010


old dutchmen congregate
right angles tease their senses
they reminisce over you
things that meant something
wither to dust.

new habits are created
they fight the old bad manifestations
fireworks ignite
ears alert the eyes.
a focal point is established
pleasure pain forces
waves of uncertainty
they disrupt what's wrong and right
apologies are left where they belong.
the bold move forward unflinching
every step is intentional
accidental waves off past adventures
but secretly watch tea leafs for clarity.

Dec 22, 2010


i repeat meanings with images of stick figures
they creep sprout from year to year
meteors shower the sky
purple white colorful paint the blue backdrop
onlookers stare
marvel in the beauty
until courses alter
spreading doom gloom and death
what makes tears creates laughter
one same thing
at different points in time space.

Dec 18, 2010


i told it to stop
need to breathe
rest recoup lost powers
but life kept beating me
against the ropes
in the corner
legs got weary
shuffled off to the side
absorbed impact after impact
the mind folded
fell to the mat
waiting for the count
within seconds of the eight
then got back up
for the remainder of the beating.
life is a fight
in a fight for your life
the life you know you deserve
you must beat life's ass
i must beat life's ass
because i will no longer
be it's sparing partner.

Dec 16, 2010


people wait
for a time where
they can lose control
waiting for liquids
to seep into the bloodstream
in order to loosen lips.
they drown
get lost in a maze of jellyfish
then forget about the floating mushrooms.
tentacles slowly wrap themselves around the conversation
easing out each word
building a trap for drunkards.
no matter what is said
all is forgotten minutes later
another conversation files the minds
obscures the view
and when thoughts of last night are recalled
nothing is left but a blur
and the hope that secrets were not revealed.
but they are out
a thief in the night
running loose in some one's thoughts.

Dec 12, 2010


my words are precious
this is why i keep them short
and share them with you.


keys open doors
steps are laid to be followed
habits are broken
as new ones birth into existence.
sun rises and shine
plants tip their hats in its direction
stare into the beast
bask in its power
let epic sounding music
be the soundtrack of your greatness
let it over take you
as soon to be events
map themselves to subconsciousness
let them guide you through the day.
motivation needs to be you
become your inspiration
and as this cycle starts
you will never be without drive.
follow the keys
they will know the way
doors will not only unlock
they will fall off the hinges
sending a warning shot to fear
letting its allies know
the master soon approaches.

Dec 7, 2010


play laugh feel imagine
a world of contradiction.
perfection wishes to be imperfect
to be human
the beauty of life eludes the lifeless.
mathematician told artist to settle down
but the fire runs through the veins of both
they act like they are worlds apart
blind to what every sees
they compete for hearts and minds
their lovers claim to be true
so, without a doubt they believe it.
math and art sit at similar work spaces
but if you ask them
paintings of their rival come to life
monsters eating babies
run across the canvas wreaking havoc
until they run into a wall.
the nonverbal war continues to this day
they speak to others spreading propaganda
blindly releasing hot lead into the air
enemy bullets rain down
they take shelter under scaffolds
but for some reason they don't realize
what goes up must come down.

Dec 5, 2010

false starts

one day slips into another
a promise is repackaged negotiated
more time passes
we fool ourselves
thinking all is normal
no mistakes occurred
but they did and they do.

Dec 1, 2010

blank stare

not every silent thought runs deep
sometimes they get caught in the air
on trivial matters
or stuck in a mindless loop.
sometimes they are drawn out
one long stretch of consciousness
over a period too long to count.
they can also be the opposite of themselves
bombard the mind with rapid fire processes
jumping over each other competing against fire.
thoughts are smart dumb people
elusive and deceptive
at any given point
they can captivate all
hold us hostage to their insight
or leave us wondering
what was being smoked
and where can i get some.