Nov 28, 2010

third and long

everyone stands in silence
hearts pound scared to breathe
lights flash
all eyes point to one spot.
seconds takes the form of minutes
everything slows to a crawl
hope is pinned on the luck and talent of a few.

Nov 27, 2010

moving paintings

in the morning afternoon night
lazy moments
creep into time space.
moving pictures are muted
they play on the screen
colors dance to a script
on occasion they are given a voice
only to be silenced minutes later.
this routine repeats for years
with the promise of change
when new eyes enter the world.
habits are hard broken
and a newly minted father
will make difficult choices
contradicting his rhyme and reason.
he will lead two lives
in addition to the many
that run rampant.
hopefully there will be an anchor
to push pull sway chaotic seas into harmony
and together create a new world for each other.

Nov 24, 2010

worlds apart

we wake
to a world created by our thought fear joy
a kingdom empire republic
made in the image of your consciousness.
we manipulate the weather
cast spells over others
rule with an iron fist
entertain dignitaries of foreign lands
while basking in imaginary perfection.
no one knows the truth
the world in which you live
all they know is their world
all you know is your world
until someone decides to open
let in the unknown
to take a chance on one another
to feel happiness and lose.
we keep ourselves isolated
strategically revealing pieces of ourselves
never revealing our whole self to one person.

Nov 21, 2010

at the edge of life

i push
to a place
outside the box
i step
across lines of comfort.
when in doubt
i ask
am i scared.
if no
i need to look elsewhere.
if yes
i know i'm walking in the right direction.
it reminds me to take chances
to live
so i throw caution to the wind
free fall
and let rising winds lift my wings.

Nov 19, 2010


it falls from itself
piled high forming dunes
blocking elements
they stop in place
behind the velvet rope
with no bouncer to unlatch the hook.

Nov 17, 2010

liquid tango

years ago
on a tuesday night
i joined forces with misfits
made our way to the watering hole
engulfed life and music.
on a monday night
i stand in front of an audience
the cats ignore my actions
as i recount adventures.
liquid paint jumps out the bottle
flows through the dig system
bass rumbles
the mirror awaits my return
but the book has my attention
she misses my ink
years passed without a meaningful word
i kept her in the dark
now the light shines
and i play with her lines
feeling each scribble on naked skin.
one note leads to another
and we jump from thought to thought
the wall comes up fast
i brake before impact
drink and restart the process.

Nov 14, 2010


it's easy
to let days slip into each other
for inaction to become the norm
paralyzing thought and progress.
there is no quick fix
five hour drink to remedy the situation.
it takes focus
a mentality of chewing bubble gum and kicking ass.
comedy and drama are best friends
so when the high dies
remember to laugh.
push through the rock hard place
until a spark triggers the ignition
and all starts to flow again
or do what i do
sleep the entire weekend
then force yourself to do one productive thing
then go back to bed
because we all need to rest.

Nov 12, 2010

in wait

all functions cease.
the natural order of things
takes a back seat to adrenaline.
the mind fights with the body
and unfortunately
the mind will win
until the situation passes
when things get back to normal
or whatever "normal" looks like.

Nov 10, 2010

A Note

This blog started as a weekly email that went out to my friends and family.  I lost a few of them when it transitioned from an email to a blog.  For that reason I was hesitant to make the switch, but glad that I did.  The lost will find their way back to the words.  I frequently check the blog stats and become happy when I see my experiments being viewed across the states and internationally (USA, Canada, China, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia, and Botswana).  Big shout out to The Collection S blog readers and Sean Linal for leaving comments.  I see you and thanks for the support.

Nov 5, 2010


the sound of it rings from ear to ear
liquid psychedelics float in the air
prophets holler as the scribe declares to cut it short
life listens to patterns of typed keys
words try to find meaning of themselves
old memories of video games describe the current situation
fiction depictions of non-fiction dance on screen
it reminds the soldier of what's he's leaving
but also of where he's going
the meaning is lost in the title.

Nov 3, 2010


time spent
at places
with people
observing things
brings a wealth of knowledge
a better understanding
of how life works
how things get done
i came to this earth
knowing nothing
i go where life leads me
when lost
i stop
look around with all five
grains of information pours in
so one day
i may make sense of a fraction of it.