Oct 31, 2010

one way trip

you can trace
every event
to one point
a specific situation
this game can be played
with every present moment.
we can drive ourselves crazy
pondering possibilities
but there exists only one outcome
and this is how it will stay
mixing decisions with others
we control nothing
only a chance to ride the wave
at the discretion of the wind.

Oct 29, 2010

night shift

there is something comfortable
about a sofa
early morning
television on mute
consciousness slipping in and out.
it dates back to the early days
locked in solitude
with a lone voice
asking or ordering
to take these weary bones to bed.
the days of breaking night are over
age pushes the body to sleep
but the mind wants to know why.
theories are pondered
the answer of why will stay out of reach
in perpetual movement
on the outskirts of the creep.

Oct 28, 2010

stainless rust

a well oiled machine grinds to a halt
the thief negotiates with himself
and decides to go the original route.
i'm not sure if was the right decision
a trip inside herman's head
reveals the clashing personalities.
they scream yell laugh
but the outcome is the same.
the ghost in the shell
master commander overrides all action thoughts.
the machine tries to move
specks of dirt clings to the oil
everyone watches to see the next move
no one helps.
the thief smokes an imaginary cigarette
leans on the side of the machine
and listens to the inner workings of the machine.

Oct 24, 2010


you're a strong woman
i get that
i love that
i cherish that
but between my arms
you must surrender
you will surrender
relax the pink softness
let my fingers and thoughts have their way
melt in my arms
rest your head on my shoulder
respect the strong hand that moves your body
be a woman and i a man.

A Note

Children have it right.  Ask a child what they want to do when they get older and she will rattle off a list of interests and professions.  The adult smiles then thinks the child is being unrealistic.  Adults have it wrong.  For some reason we think a person can only be good at one thing, then we marvel at people who are successful at many things.  We think these people are magical, but fail to realize they have kept in touch with their inner child. We need to unleash our inner child and do the things we want no matter if it seems "unrealistic".  Engage your imagination and listen to your spirit.

Oct 20, 2010

things to do

they usually get swept under a rug
lost in a corner
surrounded by dead skin and dirt.
things get planned
then life happens
some are accomplished
in unexpected ways
they pile up on a list
magnetically charged to metallic doors
scribbled on pieces of paper that will get lost.
it starts with good intentions
but people cannot keep pace with the mind
things get stuck in the back of memory
until other things jog them up.
i feel sorry for things
they are at the mercy of human thought and inaction
and i feel sorry for people
they tend to become slaves of the things.

Oct 17, 2010


two words
make the world go round.
numerous directions
overwhelm the inhabitants of earth
eyes pierce the dark
but darkness remains
frustrating would be architects
the future clouds the present
water falls the sun burns
molecules to soft rock
trains collide blend create nonsense
an architect laughs
locked away in an onyx tower
firing shots at imaginary targets
two words plague the minds of the world
these words echo and scream
forcing action and inaction.

Oct 15, 2010

people need people

enjoy silence
act silly
dream big
be friends
live life together.

Oct 14, 2010


destruction is relaxing.
a low hum
summons sandman to the bar
non-existing tectonic plates
disappear into the border
machines work void of human life
water stands still in the wasteland
red earth bakes
mechanical ants scurry down the road
iron mountains try to touch the sky
man made beasts
wielder of lost fire
steel rotators fly above
capturing the remains of the day.

Oct 10, 2010

Oct 9, 2010

in the water

i don't know if i'm in need.
thirst has not risen from throat
i hope this uncertainty lasts.
the longer i go without
the longer i'll stay sane
confusion circles
i catch a glimpse of lost souls
and wonder if i'm next to boil in the pot.
i try to shield myself from the toxicity
but sooner or later i need to drink.
i feel the storm coming
my cave has a purification kit
calming supplies sit in wait
i'm caught out of position
the warriors theme music plays
track number 10 in my life's soundtrack
i don't have a play list
still rock compact discs.
the sky turns gray
i take shelter under palm leafs
chart my way to home base.
the weather calms
sun shines
i'm glad for the brief break
but the eye will soon pass.

Oct 6, 2010

slower when it rains

everything moves at half pace
rain sets mood and tempo
it says
stay in bed
listen to my children
against hard soft surfaces
rest the day away
temperature decreases
reality sets in for most
they lift weary bones from bed
ready to tackle the day
but rain reminds us
to slow down
take it easy
a mellow cloud settles over all activities
all questions are followed by "it's raining"
and everyone acts accordingly

Oct 3, 2010

cat toy

i've given up
surrendered my belongings to the mongrels
animals that keep me up at night
leave their toys around the apartment
scream until tired or
until bowls are filled.
the next time they escape
no rescue party will be sent out
it's been a while since they attacked
little man puts push pins in footwear
shortie rock eats jeans shirts sneakers shoes.
she struck again
i didn't get mad
chase her around
pluck her ear
i just shrugged
threw the pair behind a closed door
and hope my jeans will cover the trail of destruction.

Oct 1, 2010

yum yum yummy

the best part is not touching
nothing can compare
anticipation rises but never falls
the kid comes out
running around the candy store
with a bottomless bag
a sweet tooth defies the dentists
all senses heighten
a bubble surrounds bodies
the world no longer exist
just the present moment
all is recorded memory
will collect dust on the mind's shelf
once recalled
like it was yesterday pops up
like it just happened
like it is happening now
smiles dance across the body
heat burns from skin
liquids cling to hair
all senses stall
and you no longer know
which toy you want to play with next
the best part is before you touch
imagination runs through all possibilities
and all possibilities feel good to the touch