Aug 31, 2010

nothing less

nothing more
to an outsider
the landscape
holds gray skies
buildings that change
with each step
boundaries keep ideas in perspective
but they fade
creating an endless river of confusion
for explorers who dare to dream.

Aug 29, 2010


small ones
connect to mediums
which connect to large
forming a massive machine
but the smalls
remain small
feeling insignificant
oblivious to the power and influence
they have to move the machine

Aug 18, 2010

A Note

The concept of focus was taught to me at an early age. I wasn't part of a crew when growing up. I knew a few people but not to the "safety in numbers" point. I was told when outnumbered and the fight is about to go down you should focus on one person and unleash hell upon his head. By doing this you may be able to escape in one piece. I carry this advice with me to this day. I've adopted it to many aspects of life. Life is life and we are forced to split our attention to many fronts, but sometimes we need to pause and focus our energy on one project, item, task, and unleash the full might of our power upon its head. When this is done you'll be amazed at what can be accomplish. It's time to ship.

page word ink

the heart tightens
pen loosens
blood streams
playful energy
tries to emerge
from the silence of noise
tries to overcome
the life
then dies.

Aug 15, 2010

for rojuana

survive thrive
you've been toe to toe
face to face
shared intimate space
with the cousin of sleep.
many rounds fought
shoot outs
block by block
building by building
room by room
and survived.
the tide turned
inches gave way to feet
stretching them new york avenues.
nothing in the world
should scare you.
you survived from the brink
you thrived with new vision
insights love and determination.
everything else is child's play
so treat it as so.
no stress
the worst has passed
fly on new wings
your new lease on life.

Aug 12, 2010

on a november day

crisp air
sunlight hits the surface
the temperature remains the same.
thoughts overwhelm the bench sitter
she stares beyond space
at a point in time
freezes an image
dissects it
works backwards
until the image breathes life
materializes in her hands.
her eyes become a reflection of the world.

Aug 8, 2010


leave it on the surface
in plain sight
no hidden paragraphs
split words
lost in the crease.
leave it on the surface
for all
to see lower case
letters standing in a lineup.
leave it on the surface
no searches
it faces you
to watch every move
to watch every movement of your eye.

Aug 4, 2010

beautiful women

i meet all walks in my line of work
study and break them
to the core
imperfect beauty.
i strip the perceived value
let the foundation of their spirit
stand on a pedestal.
scared creatures roam the spinning rock.
i admire the kinetic energy
keep my distance.
encounters bring emotional baggage.
i watch from safety
from a distance
the silhouette of a queen
sliding down a pole.

Aug 1, 2010


we grow from experience.
they shape shape and mold
but the core
rarely changes.
it keeps gravity in place
from birth
the blueprint
bears it's brilliance
for the world to see.
an aging soul
learns to walk
in a young body.