Jun 30, 2010


a hush hovers
over the dance floor.
my eyes lock
stay trained
on movement
synchronized to rhythmic patterns
she transmits
of flushed lips
curled toes
silent screams.
cool exterior
hot interior
time slows
as her body
teases my imagination.

Jun 27, 2010

creative articulation

stalled engine
leaves the vehicle on the mat.
five false starts jumpstarts movement
disgust spills over the table
it creeps to the edge of the room
moistens the dust.
the sun peeks through the window
surveys the inanimate objects
the pool reflects the it's brilliance
blinding the peeping tom.
the beast shuts down
lights flicker then fade
doors auto lock
windows remain open
the inhabitants don't know whether to rejoice or be afraid
either way
they need to make a decision.

Jun 22, 2010

point of interest

every step
sets us down a path
to the decision maker.
collide in the air
spiral to the ground
absorbed by the earth.
one step in front of another
is destiny.
there is no control
only the illusion of it.
some believe in the fantasy
find safety in it.
but whatever the belief
we must
live and die
with the decisions we make.

Jun 20, 2010

A Note

I was watching Kat Williams stand up special and one line stuck in my head; "Keep it pushing". I don't know the name of the show, but he's wearing a green suit sweating up a storm. He says whatever you're doing you have to improve, progress, and grow. Comedians take the truth and shove it in our face . "You got to keep it pushing." Remember that line when things get hectic or when you're afraid to take risks. Life is all about risk. Later Pimpin'.

instrument of war

my mind
push action
raises awareness.
my mind
runs circles
plots and schemes
for an unknown tomorrow.

Jun 15, 2010

words from an atheist

there is no wrong way

to commit suicide.

if you want it quick

a bullet to the head works

but what if you can’t get a gun?

what if you’re scared to pull the trigger?

you may flinch

risk a misfire

live with a hole in the head.

some can do it

some can’t

some might want to sleep

pop pills

in a garage with the engine running

nice and slow

as sandman takes you on a dirt nap.

that’s too slow for others

they don’t want to cough,


a rope and a ledge,

cut off oxygen.

that might be too painful.

some are adrenaline junkies

jump off a bridge


a car plummeting from a cliff.

so many ways to get to one place.

to each their own.

no one argues about the best way to off yourself,

many ponder how they would do it,

whatever fits your personality.

whatever your preference is.

so why the fuck do you care

what religion someone follows,

whatever fits the personality.

many roads leading to one place



the “gods” are not fighting

for supremacy and conversion,

so why should you?

Jun 13, 2010

A Note

Life happens and we get caught up in the mix, loose our bearings and feel like things are out of our control. The fact is, we were never in control of any thing. There are illusions of control and we feel like we have things figured out, but the reality of the situation is that we are on a giant spinning rock revolving around a star. Life is roller coaster. Enjoy the ride. When you find yourself on a spiral down just imagine the ride up that is moments away.

a mess of things

i wake up hungry
from last night where
dreams caught a flat
stranded on a highway.
i wake with nails rotting
blood drips
i stare
drink and quench thirst
applying the remainder as face paint.
the survivalist jumps out the window
my legs cut on broken glass,
wolves pick up the scent
but let us not forget i am hungry.
i prey on them
sharpen my big toe
rip off the nail
slicing the wolf’s neck.
i eat well
gain boots and gloves in the mix.
i need a coat to deflect pacific winds.
no, i want a coat.
i want things,
i want those things to produce more things
so i grab dirt and bathe
look to sky and talk to stomach.
stomach reassures me that it will stay hungry
as long as i keep feeding it,
i like this cycle
love the greed
i absorb culture as an appetizer
looking to the day for the main course.

Jun 10, 2010


the attacks occur
before i reach the elevator.
to the outside world
i am calm
but his nails tap my iris
whispers in my ear
gradually increasing his chants.
lights flash
marking my decent
he jumps with joy
knowing his time is near.
the doors open
unleashing the creature.
he tears through my skin
turns the body i once knew as me
into a form only he loves.
car keys fall
from what resembled a human hand
i find the nearest wall
tunnel my way to the surface
break daylight
inhale the night's air and spread my wings.

Jun 8, 2010


i leave it on the surface
in plain sight.
no hieroglyphics
split words lost in a crease.
i leave it on the surface
for all to see
lower case letters
standing in a line-up.
i leave it on the surface
so no searches need to be made.
it faces you
watching every movement
of your eye.

Jun 6, 2010

A Note from Santana Copeland

I had a number of things I was going to talk about. I created sentences in my mind and spun them together. But now as I type, I'll say nothing and save it for another time. I'm going to be lazy for the rest of the day. Push back the things I should do and just relax. Turning my brain off now.

two of a kind

we sit
five feet away
from each other
in silence
we avoid the heat
hide in the vanishing shade.
we are connected
a bond
following an offbeat path.
work resumes
to the self appointed task,
work slows
back to the shade.
others talk mingle,
we sit in solitude.
i sense the similarities
to a point
i am tempted to say a word
but i am a loner
remaining true to myself.

Jun 1, 2010

A Note from Santana Copeland

The holiday is over, everyone is back to work, and for the most part some reflecting on life was done. I hear vacations do that. I had a few moments myself. Two things come to mind. Baby steps and taking a loss. It doesn't matter how small the step is, if it is going in the direction you want to go in, you're golden. Losses are a given. You loss a wallet, a game, argument, etc... Whatever it may be it is important to know that losses are going to occur. It's a part of life and our learning process. Have fun with it.

night lights

insane thoughts dance
they cast shadows and colors
on the inside of my eyelids.
life glides on the streets.
each minute increases danger
while more people step outside
a switch is made
nervousness creeps
inside my bones
once the witching hour passes
lost minds travel
hoping to make it home safely.