Apr 29, 2010

ante meridiem

after ten hours of work
after balancing checking accounts
after quality time with best friend
after cleaning quarters
after stealing time to view mountains

i am inspired to create.

Apr 27, 2010

secret songs

why do you glow
when notes send you back
traveling transported in time.
who is next to you
when nostalgia encapsulates your being
dancing smiling joy.
will you tell me
when lovers re-emerge
floating from long-term memory?
like you
i’ll keep my songs secret
letting memory wallow in suspended happiness.
we’ll smile
play back endings
what are you thinking about?
neither of us will admit the...

Apr 25, 2010


i grew up in a household of them
three generations
making their way through life
in front of marble eyes
a fly on the wall
little man
becoming a man
in the absence of a man.
i watched the game unfold
became a veteran at an early age
living in the dragon’s lair
a comfortable uneasy place to be.
i love my
they taught me well
even if they didn’t want to.
i submit my heart to no one
and stare crookedly with tender eyes.
i’ve become a hard man to melt
left many hearts broken.
it’s hard a hard mold to break.

Apr 22, 2010

captain’s log

circles upon moons
are inscribed on nimbus
feathers drop to the floor
bouncing hard bodies on the earth.
the mindscape decides
to play havoc with questions.
nonsense overflows itself
just to believe that it is necessary
from time to time
tongues get stuck when all is said.
there needs to be more
body language interpretation
is a lost art science.
water spills but the cup is not tipped.
technology plays with emotions.
a day will come
and others will wish for another to
unwrap the current present
state of mind.

Apr 20, 2010

what you got?

five fingers and a discount to roll with
creditors watching my fica movements
coworkers riding the high waiting for the fall
a broken horse i ride to death
thoughts that run into each other
an old spirit running my youth.

Apr 18, 2010

hungry dogs don’t eat

bitches sense desperation.
saliva drips from mouth
landing in a pool
an inch above his paw.
foul breath covers body.
omega spots what he likes
sniffs ass
she snarls
release fangs
into a sensitive heart.
he doesn’t bite back
takes it and asks for more
she snipes
trots around
tail in air
creating a cult following.
they raid garbage cans
competing for her honor.
she eats well
keeping them at distance.
alpha watches from the wings,
he wishes to
mount hump bite
impregnate seeds with seeds
multiple litters of mutts
bearing genetic codes.
all this stays in thought.
he passes her without word
strutting like it’s all good
turns corner limps
testicles pulse blue.
she barks
scattering the pack
jogs off in alpha’s direction
hoping for the time of day.

Apr 15, 2010


one day
you’ll be taller than me.
it'll happen in front of a window
sunlight pours in
we face each other
you’ll be hurt frustrated
wonder why i don’t love you.
you push yourself
wishing wanting my approval.
despite your marvelous achievements
you’ll feel it is not enough.
i should have cleared this up years before
but as in life
things get muddled.
i love you and very proud of whom you’re becoming
i expect you to achieve
knock out the stars
that’s a given.
what i look for
is how you react when failure looms over your head.
this is where i am most proud of you.
you fall
dust yourself off
and keep smiling.
those are the moments that define you
makes you strong
define you as a man.
in that brief space time of depression
you'll find your strength purpose foresight.

Apr 13, 2010

cool to the touch

perspiration covers her body.
moon light is stuck in the air
hovering over the two
silence is spoken.
an index finger runs from breast to navel
eyes lock then wander
briefly fleeting to another world
then back to earth
under the stars
between morning and night
laughter erupts
as he nibbles on her flesh.
bodies pretzel into positions.
breathing grows to a standstill.
his lips meet hers.

Apr 11, 2010


a fireball grew,
heat singed facial hair.
before my eyes melted
i wondered if the
colors in a fire
ever got jealous,
that would at least
explain why they jump over
each other in competition.

i don’t know what happened afterwards,
i would imagine
news of the event went international,
i would imagine
people would call my chard cell phone
to hear me breathe.

would the phone ring?
would a police officer or a firefighter answer it?
and if they did
would they tell the caller
my body was scattered and mixed
with fifty other passengers?

i would let it ring.

they would leave a voicemail
and wait to see if i call back
or hear news of my fate
through the various networks of people who claim to know me.

strangers would watch the news
flipping through five news channels
just to hear the same information.

journalist would compare it to past events
mixed with sound bites of the president
informing the country of his resolve.

i’m surprised
how the flame hypnotized me,
fire is beautiful when it doesn’t scorch skin.
i flamed on
wondering if someone would shoot me.
a mercy kill
just wishful thinking,
at that moment i stopped panicking
and remembered what plato said.

Apr 8, 2010


words pour out of my mouth with frustrated ease
thoughts form plainly
literal and uncensored.
armed guards stop the sentences at the border
they inspect every inch
rearrange the structure
chop and screw the thoughts
alphabet soup the poem.
access granted
it passes through the gates
air traffic control lands birds on papyrus
view the beasts
jump into the pilot seat and embark on a journey.

Apr 4, 2010

the dreamer never sleeps

late night
the pen grabs his hand
leads him down a hall.
it disintegrates
turning the floor into a pool,
he drowns
then inhales the liquid.
it fills lungs.
he swims to the bottom
digs earth
breaks top soil.
sky sparks
waves flare
light show fireworks
brain storms.
he takes off his shirt
and dances in the lightning.