Jul 29, 2013


foundation standards guidelines patterns set
built broken reconstructed
an understanding of the world
sets the tempo.
a man
born into the world
minus a man.
she carries the load
wordless conversations
leaves markers stranger than gattaca.
nature vs nurture fight an endless war
a silent warrior
shows the child soldier
sins of the world
joys of the world
life as it is.
surfs the lines of a palm
an experiment
unleashes an experiment
to interact with experiments.

i watch the breeze
pillows drift into line of sight.
the earth spins
air moves
transforms moister into memories.
a face appears
clouds wrap wisps around my heart
warmth follows
i run the future through her eyes
she stares
mimics my behavior
tells me the lighter side of life
with a smile
my mood lightens
floats to a space
that doesn't exist
in the tangible world
i'm caught in the iris.
light reflects the brilliance of her soul
colors blend
creating a world fit for a kaleidoscope.
she pushes me away
flirts with emotions
ties the strings of my heart
around her finger
fibers break and knot
to form an elaborate labyrinth.
i'm lost
feeling my way through a stone wall maze.
letters of encouragement arrive by paper airplane
they circle
taunt me
reveal words that need to be read twice.
hope is lost
the moon no longer steals light from the sun
stars are visible
but their rays do not reach solid ground
they flicker
morse coding a message i dare not decipher.
i remember the clouds
slowly morphing
exposing moments of bliss.
my eyes adjust to the darkness
the still earth resembles a black hole
pulling my consciousness to a place
carefully avoided.
sounds of the heart cries loud
so i scream
and let the treble and the bass
wreak havoc on all who listen.

she came to me
in a dream
in a field
sunny day cool air
a slight hill
picnic without food.
brown supports green
we cycle
i watch
she explores
weaves through grass as tall as she
she walks
strong on new legs.
i hold her
soft body rests in soft arms
little legs dangle
little piggies wiggle
run away from the big bad soft wolf.
a clear calm
the day over
the night arrives
a new outlook on life
carves a thought in membranes
she will liquefy dry ice
she will right the wrongs
she will reflect the life that was lived
she will be my judge jury and executioner.

Jul 7, 2013

Heads Up: Low Output

There will be few to no posts this month.  I'm adjusting to a new schedule and gearing up for a number of projects that will take my time and focus away from the blog.  It may spill into August, but I'll keep you updated.  In the meantime, dig into the archive and find your new favorite post.