Jan 31, 2013


it looks like something out of a movie
the pale blue night
slow mountains fast shrubs.
my hand reaches out of the window
to touch the green screen
a vast nothing
as far as the eye can see.
interrupted by pin holes of color
nothingness surrounds me
rocks me to sleep
whispers future action into my head.
the world above looks down
tracks our movements
we start another adventure


Jan 27, 2013

beyond the black rainbow

a line of coke enters nostrils
seeps into a stream.
flying robots sound cliche
so they sit on steps
watch the watcher take notes.
a blend of new and old hipsters
mingle toss glide
passed images of creativity.
reflections observe the solids
a transparent world
flutters into existence
by the whim of light
the best view is from the side.
words fail to describe
items locked in the human mind
so images take the task
and morph meaning into existence.

Jan 26, 2013

tooth and nail

in the midst of uncertainty
a calm overtakes the storm
under the sounds of the city
thunder rolls unheard
life begs to be lived in the moment
thoughts run the synaptic gauntlet
infinite patterns narrow to a single stream
and at the end a smile awaits all passengers.

Jan 10, 2013

rolling fog

crisp cool air accompanies
rolling fog
hovers above the ground.
light refracts from the dancing wandering particles
it blocks the night into a mist of gray.
an alien marvels at the wonder
a simple act
igniting a simplistic beauty
stands still in its motion.