Sep 28, 2012

itsy bitsy

nothing new under the sun

race down the corridor
trips over itself
to catch a breath.

the feast starts
the people gather
the sky listens for a cry
the sun retreats
the energy builds
the animals flee
the speed of time fluctuates
in a a continuous flow.

watches the events unfold
gets lost
gets bored with repeated words.

has seen this before
variations of variants
as the participants play new
loses focus
wonders what's happening
across the borders
across the streets
across the oceans
across time.

the leader steps up
he rubs fingers together
he calculates each gesture
he emphasizes each word
he penetrates the soul
he becomes the center
all else bend to his movements.

he speaks.

time takes notice.

Sep 27, 2012

to be human again

is to be
open to failure
open to pain
free to dance
in front of strangers
comfortable in the given skin
caregiver of hugs smiles and each other.

Sep 18, 2012


stacked (ny)

a recount

back to the wall
of lights and words
similar images of repetition
drill ideas into the mind
chaotic fires combine
to form thought ideas movement.
the liquid display
cannot mirror the accurate
alone with thoughts and sight
combine to make a friend within
an oasis can be created with disassociated materials.
the friend within
tells you things already known
tribal whites splinter into groups
constant reminders of days passed
draws smiles on faces.
an electronic box of lights
receives input from a biological index
bravery and curiosity overlap
loud talk over music equals
another layer of music
and from the notes of confusion
i drift to sleep.