Oct 28, 2011


in a warehouse
i stand among thieves.
silence trumps anticipation
american beauty catches a breeze
i take note of everything.
four cargo vans
caravan to my feet
the muscle watch my movements
i disregard their eyes
inspect the packages
i'm satisfied.
we replace drivers
my boys know where to go
i watch them peel off.
the deal is done
i pay respect
my fellow conspirators blend into day.
from the abandoned building
i let the city wash over me
gray cloud the skies.
like the man on the latter
i turn dirt into blue
the task is daunting
but if not me
who will stand during the storm
dispensing happiness to the world.

Oct 23, 2011

state of mind

i'm swimming against the current
yet wallow in my stillness.
i push consciousness out
then stomp on it.
lifeless energy twitchs on the floor
it waits for ems.
no sirens
no lights
no help
with its final breath
cpr is performed.
ingrained training counts the rhythm.
i watch the miracle of rebirth
celebrate its homecoming.
i jump back into the water
knowing i don't know how to swim.

Oct 19, 2011

peppered kisses

anticipation leads to heat
it rises
stirs the clouds until mist falls.
i add
a touch of cool to skin
her body goes into shock
i record the event
poker fingers take the reading
the tempo slows
i place a kiss
to every section of her lips
i inhale her flavor
let its spices dance on my tongue.
time crawls
she stares me down
i'm caught
she leans in
places warmth on my neck.
nothing exists.
her and i
slow dance to the tune of life.

Oct 16, 2011

morning quiet

i turn the noise off
open the window
let the light wash over the room.
birds add tunes
to the underlying track of traffic.
i let my ears relax
rubber on asphalt
transforms to waves
crashing on the beach.
i make the transition
from eight stories high
to front row at the pacific
sand between toes.
i roam around the box
wait for the tea to cool
map out the day.
every few moments
i have to stop
listen to the silence
and bask in temporary peace.

Oct 12, 2011

one of those

thoughts try to gather
form cohesive sentences
a train of consciousness
that leads to an awakening,
but tonight
they bump around the dark
playfully spilling orange juice on the floor.
rhymes of life
hit the drums
without impact.
it can end abruptly
or with a touch of grace.
but is there an in between
third category that defies two?

Oct 9, 2011


shadows of dust
play in the space
between light and reflection.
ideas jockey for position
vying for the attention of
the creator
stands on the edge of sanity.
colorful lights fill the empty
drugs kick in
slowing the brain
slowing time to a crawl.

Oct 7, 2011

damn shame

within five seconds
i spot a black and white
my immediate reaction
possible threat.
to my right
my reflection walks towards me.
my immediate reaction
possible threat.
i flow between the parties
without incident.
i should be comforted by one
and safe with the other
but learned instincts kicked into gear.


Oct 5, 2011


footsteps creep on bubblegum stained concrete
darkness pushes light to the side
observers of the night prepare
six cities arm for battle
but nothing will happen tonight.
packs of wolves take inventory
they spread through the streets
tunnels rooftops
the opposition does the same
they divide the chess board
staking out squares
anticipating valuable real estate.
paths are crossed
they know not to engage
a tight rope of nerves play violin strings
releasing calm tense energy.
the walker flows between the future combatants
makes notes in his book
anticipates the new order.

between the madness a cigarette burns.

Oct 1, 2011


they say
tell people your plans
to keep you honest
to keep an ear out.
there is also a time
to keep silent
to move in silence
so undetected moves
avoid obstacles.
some people smile
then block the lane
slow your momentum.
i'm committing to the quiet
make my moves
in the cloak of darkness.
once the deal is done
the achievement accomplished
the announcement will go out.
time will be spent analyzing
old information
and i'll stay silent
plotting on a new venture
keep all looking
two steps behind my waves.