Jan 29, 2011

dirty water

white noise fills the room
people speak louder to be heard
the bottom floor
rises with the tide.
five rocks float in water
becoming each other's keeper.
the lack of vision slows all
memories please get out of my head
ten feet tall burnt matches
look for a spark.
ready to smoke
kerosene fluids leak on themselves
under the night's eye
layers of illusion are stripped down
cycles repeat every weekend
waiting for liquids to soak
in polyester cotton blends.

Jan 26, 2011


a low intensive war is being waged
early bird night owl
clash for resources
i'm caught in the middle
stretched thin
hoping to appease both sides
but they tug and push
leaving me reckless and sporadic
i use both of them for my petty desires
knowing the loser is me
deprived of sleep
anxious to recharge batteries
i continue to play both sides
and they continue to play me.

Jan 21, 2011


i look out the window
watch mechanized life move.
a few decibels make it through melted sand
ancient patterns form
i've noticed names and faces
a gray asterisk softly blinks
noting they no longer belong to the earth
life removed from existence.
i move back in time
and remember this has happened before
it started with things and places
changing into something new
or disappearing to memory.
my mind scatters
i debate whether or not to leave the puzzle on the floor.

Jan 16, 2011

a thought

i've been away for a long time.

those words drift in the air
set off a chain reaction to the listeners
they dig deep
bypassing the plain text
one spark leads to another
the day passes
a voice reminds me to remember
so i repeat
i've been away for a long time
stories outlines scenarios develop
as i drive
sand blows onto the road
stops traffic
tumble weeds mock me then leave
all forms of my world disappear
i sit in my car looking out to the wild west
in all its golden splendor
the earth shakes
the dashboard lights up
a mechanical voice counts down from a minute
what was once know as earth
disintegrates before my eyes
t minus ten seconds
my spaceship pumps fresh air into the capsule
and i'm off
past the sun towards the deep vacuum of space
onto the newly constructed hyperspace bypass.

Jan 12, 2011

raspberry kisses

the lights dim
silhouettes hide and seek
cat eyes take hold of the zebra
fahrenheit rises
the baby face disappears
a beast emerges
inflicts pleasure pain to all senses
dull pressure is applied
followed by teeth pinching skin
human voices turn into unnamed animals
until little deaths fill the air.

Jan 9, 2011


i'm in no mood
have no energy
for anything.

not even rest
can save me
it can not put me at ease
recharge the battery.

a state of uneasiness
clouds my head
and i brace
for the storm
that is about come.

Jan 6, 2011


it sneaks
wraps its arms around you
disappears when you wake.
the more you try to remember
it slips away from memory
leaving snippets of
running up
awareness of broken reality
exploring a make believe environment
then it returns
powerful enough
to put you back to sleep from dreaming.

Jan 2, 2011

A Note

We tend to make plans and promises to ourselves around the new year. We gather up our mojo and proclaim that we will make big changes. Then we don't and repeat the cycle year after year. I stopped making New Year's Resolutions years ago. If we want to do something or make a change it falls on our shoulders to do so. I recognize when I get into a funk and spend time in the playground of procrastination. The trick is to determine how long to stay in that space, enjoy it, then move on to getting things done. I've delayed The Collection S Videos for a few months. I was scared. I'm still scared, but I enjoy poetry. And I made a promise to myself to do the things that I love. So here we go, something for your ears: The Collection S Videos. Sometimes we just need to jump into the deep end.